Why should you hire a professional journalist to write your case studies?

...Good question. 
Here's why:
1. A journalist is a skilled interviewer.
2. A journalist knows how to elicit the perfect quotes and anecdotes to make a case study come alive. 
3. A journalist knows the difference between facts and marketing-speak.
4. A journalist knows how to tell a story that has a beginning, a middle and an end.
5. A journalist can make complex subjects accessible
5. Because you want your case studies to be read by potential clients.

Why should you hire Robert Kiener to write your case studies?

1. I have written case studies for a wide range of companies from Fortune 500 to mid-size firms.
2. I bring a journalist's accuracy and sense of story to every case study I write.
3. I am a skilled interviewer and writer and know how to write compelling case studies.

Where do you go from here?

Email me (robkiener [at] aol.com) or call  (802-253-296three) to discuss your needs. I will then send you sample case studies I have written and will follow up with a cost estimate.